Girls from all world who love to buy and wear bikinis, these tips that we have separated are special for you.

Our bikinis are carefully designed with great care to last and accompany you on summer adventures, holidays, parties...

But some care with the parts is essential for durability:

  • Our fabrics have sunscreen 50
  • Wash your parts right after use. Always by hand and with cold water;
  • Use neutral soap, without exaggeration and do not use fabric softener;
  • Never let it soak;
  • Don't twist. Gently squeeze to remove excess water;
  • Dry in the shade;
  • During use, avoid direct contact with bronzers and protectors, not passing excess product over the piece, as it may stain it.


Like every neon bikini, the precautions to ensure durability is special.

Always wash before first use. The super pigmentation of citrus colours tends to loosen ink in the first washes. This way, take special care with towels and light beach gowns, when using over a wet bikini, they can stain.

Parts CANNOT be washed with ordinary washing powder or left to soak. (Ordinary powdered soap has a chemical that stains and loosens the paint of the piece, causing accelerated fading)

  • Always wash with cold running water (under the tap);
  • Use as little soap as possible (a good option is neutral dish detergent, only where you need it!)
  • Too much sun also accelerates the colour loss of the pieces.
  • Never soak it
  • Never wash together with other parts
  • Never put it to dry too close to other pieces


August 23, 2021 — Coconut Beachwear